Construction industry

Construction industry

GLOBTRAK Module for the Construction Industry

We know how demanding the management of construction work is. You juggle plan-making with the necessary optimization of expenses. You carry out complex projects, so logistics and management have become your specialties. You have to take care of employee safety, project progress, and work efficiency at the same time. At GLOBTRAK, we have created a professional helper to meet your needs, high demands, and challenges of this demanding industry.

Introducing  our Module for the Construction Industry!

Manage your fleet of construction machinery from a single place. Maximize the certainty of safety at the construction site. Speed up cost optimization – save on fuel, consumables, and working time.

Discover the key benefits for your company.


Up to 40% fuel savings

Up to 30% lower workload for machine operators

Up to 20% shorter fleet travel time

Driver identification
Fuel control
Fuel cap opening monitoring
Online vehicle tracking
Telematyka w służbie BHP? To nie przyszłość, a nowy standard.

Telematics serving the purposes of OSH? This is not some future. This is the new normal

You know how important safety at a construction site is. You want to provide your employees with a 100% safe working environment. You also need to be sure that no unauthorized person enters the construction site. To save the day, here comes telematics in a broad sense of the word, that is, GPS monitoring combined with a system of cameras and/or a set of RFID sensors. Thanks to the smart system you know who is on site. You keep track of the progress of work and the condition of vehicles.

Depending on the function of the installed module, your employees receive additional support in controlling the vehicle and its immediate surroundings thanks to the following systems:

  • RFID – example application: a sensor can be installed on the vehicle but also on work clothes. A loud audible signal alerts the construction site worker to the approaching vehicle and the machine operator to the presence of the worker on foot.

  • SELECT®360 – a set of cameras eliminates blind spots. The machine operator gets a better, completely safe field of maneuver.

Boost safety confidence

Manage your fleet of construction machines using SMART technologies

Your experience in the construction industry makes it easy for you to see the usefulness of modern technologies. You know the value of improvements that optimize work and put you in control of that work. Most likely, you have already heard the term “SMART technologies”.

GLOBTRAK is just such an integrated, smart tool for control, designed for (among others) the construction industry. In an extended version, it allows you to take advantage of the full capabilities of GPS, CAN, RFID, and monitoring systems. And this is just the beginning.

Want to find out how it works?

Fuel savings
Globtrak Module fot the Construction Industry makes it possible to monitor up to 4 fuel tanks per vehicle

Automation of processes

Shorten any time-consuming processes. Receive all reports in one place and simplify your record-keeping – vehicle routes, working time settlements, waste collection settlements, road incidents.

Operational savings

Optimize routes, save fuel and fleet working time. The Ecodriving feature allows you to find additional operational savings.

Driver working time control

Unified reports make it easier to efficiently verify the real working time, and allow you to supervise proper vehicle use.

100% control over completion of tasks

Keep tabs on the current work status of your entire fleet of construction machinery. Track the routes of vehicles, monitor loading and unloading stages, analyze the status of instrumentation. Stay certain of complete control.

Successful optimization of efficiency

Skillful, automated management of your fleet allows you to increase its efficiency by 5–10%. Control your route plan and vehicle status – optimize your work schedule based on regular reports.