Working Time Control

Working Time Control

Be guided by forethought

The driver work control module is one of the core functionalities of the GLOBTRAK system. If you manage a fleet of vehicles or specialized machinery, you know how important it is to keep proper records of work. Maybe you create reports based on tachograph data or driver card files.

Efficiently gathering and summarizing of information about fulfillment of the work schedule can be time-consuming and always requires a high degree of precision. The work control module in the GLOBTRAK system was created to free up the time you spend on making such settlements. Activating this function (either in the basic version or combined with other modules) will relieve you of that time-consuming chore.

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Be guided by savings

Will monitoring of driver working time in the GLOBTRAK system result in savings for your company? There is no doubt about it.

The first, fundamental thing saved is your time. The working time monitoring module is designed to give you ready-made, highly precise reports. You don’t have to waste time keeping records yourself. The modules’ advanced features allow you to determine your driver’s fuel consumption and driving style, giving you room for optimizing fuel economy. Emphasis on safe driving also leads to savings in a completely different area because, obviously, human life and health are priceless.

If you still have doubts, the precise calculations we did should help you get rid of them. According to data collected by GLOBTRAK, working time monitoring, combined with additional features, increases the efficiency of operations performed by drivers and machine operators by up to 30%.

GLOBTRAK will guide your company to modern fleet management.

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Be guided by safety

Precise monitoring of the driver’s work is not only for billing and payroll purposes. The GLOBTRAK modules (depending on the package version) give you a complete overview of the route, stage of completion of the trip schedule, and the driver’s driving style. In the advanced reports, you can see information such as driving speed, sharp braking, and parked times, among others.

You are kept informed in real time about traffic incidents. Based on the report, you are able to assess whether the employee meets your requirements for driving safely and efficiently.

  • It is worth expanding the driver working time reports with additional features, thanks to which you will assess their driving style.

  • In advanced modules, you will find functions for notifying the dispatcher about selected incidents related to vehicle operation.

  • Precise data from the reports form the basis for settling real working time and additional activities performed by the driver.

  • It is always a good idea to combine the working time monitoring module with the video telematics module. In the event of a road incident, data from the system will provide important evidence for insurance purposes, among others.