ECALL Globtrak

Live saving system

Our system could not be missing one of the most important functions, that is, the SOS eCall signal. It is an EU-wide system of rapid emergency notification. The obligation to have this system was regulated by the European Commission (on 1 April 2018) and applies to new cars and trucks up to 3.5 tons.

eCall is a virtual call for help at the time of a traffic incident – collision or accident. The system can be activated manually, but in terms of safety more important is the automatic activation of the call, triggered under certain conditions.

Twój wirtualny pas bezpieczeństwa

Your virtual seatbelt

You may treat the GLOBTRAK eCALL module as an additional, virtual seatbelt in your vehicle. It is a system that provides you, your passengers, and drivers with the necessary support in life- or health-threatening situations. When a collision occurs, the function instantly triggers transmission of data necessary to track down the vehicle and obtain emergency assistance. A call will be initiated also if the driver becomes unconscious.

The system will not replace the driver’s full responsibility on the road, but it will give you the assurance that help will always arrive in time if there is a dangerous incident on the road. The eCALL module provides the much-needed comfort to drivers of private vehicles and those operating professionally in any industry – transport, passenger, construction, or agriculture.

What is a Minimum Set of Data?

A manual or automatic activation of eCall triggers the transmission of the so-called Minimum Set of Data (MSD). Thanks to this set, the emergency number operator is able to determine, among other things, the precise location of the vehicle, and quickly send help. Importantly, the information is transmitted only when the eCall function is activated. There is no risk of unauthorized access and no threat to the security of the passengers’ data.

When receiving the eCall MSD, the emergency number operator obtains information about:

  • number from which the notification was sent,
  • GPS coordinates, i.e., the exact location of the vehicle involved in the collision,

  • time of the traffic incident,

  • number of passengers who were wearing seatbelts at the time of the incident,

  • eCall status – the system will inform about the manual or automatic activation of the function,

  • vehicle’s technical data,

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN,


How does the GLOBTRAK eCall module work?

  • The system is only activated at the time of an incident.

  • The notification is handled by operators of the 112 emergency number.
  • If you activate the system manually, e.g., after a collision, an operator of the emergency number will attempt to make a voice call. After key information is obtained, the operator will notify the relevant services and send assistance.

  • If a voice connection has not been established, the operator assumes that the driver and passengers of the vehicle may be unconscious and sends a call for assistance.