Sensor systems

Sensor systems

Technological vigilance with safety in mind

Modern sensor sets are currently some of the most effective tools that improve the safety of vehicle maneuvering. A simple audible or visual signal effectively informs both the driver and pedestrians about the presence and decreasing distance.

Sensor sets form an integral part of GLOBTRAK modules. The combination of GPS monitoring and video telematics capabilities is a guarantee of safe maneuvering even when it comes to the heaviest construction machinery.

GLOBTRAK is a distributor and integrator of specialist BRIGADE sensors. Our advisors will help you choose the device that will best protect your fleet’s working environment

Jak ultradźwiękowe wykrywanie przeszkód chroni kierowców, pieszych i pracowników Twojej firmy?

How does ultrasonic obstacle detection protect drivers, pedestrians, and your company’s employees?

  • A vehicle-mounted proximity sensor warns both the driver and pedestrians with an audible and/or light signal

  • The sensor informs the driver about moving and stationary obstacles alike.

  • The warning signaling device, combined with the turn indicator, informs cyclists with a sound that the vehicle is about to start turning.

  • Modern reversing signaling devices have the function of a point sound signal at the frequency of the so-called white noise. The sound is clearly audible to any person behind the vehicle, but fades outside the immediate area of the maneuver.

  • These signaling devices with advanced features are designed for extremely difficult operating conditions. Their sound adapts to the noise level and can be heard even by workers wearing ear protection.