Trade fleets

Trade fleets

GLOBTRAK Module for Commercial Fleets

As a commercial fleet owner, you know the importance of responsibility. You oversee every element of the business – from route planning to expense optimization. In the event of an emergency, you need to be certain of control and know about every factor that affects the work of your fleet. Your drivers must ensure that their passengers are completely safe, and your vehicles must remain 100% operational in all conditions.

GLOBTRAK proves that modern fleet management does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. It is the SMART philosophy that we believe in – technology provides comprehensive monitoring, while humans supervise and make decisions.

Results? Real savings of time, fuel, and labor.


Up to 40% fuel sevings

Up to;30% less work needed from drivers and operators

Up to 20% shorter fleet journey times

Driver identification
Fuel control
Fuel cap opening monitoring
Online vehicle tracking
Technologia SMART. Wirtualny menedżer Twojej floty handlowej

A smart system of tools for commercial fleet monitoring is your ‘virtual eye’. You keep track of your vehicles’ routes in real time and, if need be, you can shorten them thus optimizing the drivers’ working time.

You have up-to-date data on the status of your vehicles at your fingertips. You know how much fuel they consume, allowing you to manage your resources efficiently. Information on the current technical condition of your fleet reduces any unnecessary risks. This in turn translates into lower vehicle insurance costs. The SMART tool, i.e., the GLOBTRAK system, acts like a virtual manager that continuously supports you in improving the efficiency of your fleet.


Automation of processes
Shorten and simplify time-consuming, repetitive processes. Vehicle control, irrigation, and crop protection dosing can be fully automatic.
Oszczędności eksploatacyjne

Optymalizuj przebieg trasy, oszczędzaj paliwo i czas pracy floty. Funkcja Ecodriving pozwoli na znalezienie dodatkowych oszczędności eksploatacyjnych.

Driver working time control

Unified reports make it easier to efficiently verify the real working time, and allow you to supervise proper vehicle use.

100% kontroli nad realizacją zadań

Trzymaj puls na aktualnym przebiegu pracy floty handlowej. Śledź trasę pojazdów, monitoruj etapy jazdy oraz czas postojów, analizuj stan oprzyrządowania. Zachowaj pewność pełnej kontroli.

Successful optimization of efficiency

Skillful, automated management of your fleet allows you to increase its efficiency by 5–10%. Control your route plan and vehicle status – optimize your work schedule based on regular reports.

Fuel savings

Smart fuel management reduces fuel costs by at least 15%. The GLOBTRAK Trade Fleets Module makes it possible to monitor up to 4 fuel tanks per vehicle.