Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle Monitoring

One GPS system, many uses

The key functionality of the GLOBTRAK system is its precise monitoring of vehicles. We put a proven tool in your hands, thanks to which you will be able to track your company’s fleet on national and international routes. Overview of the route in real time will give you the sense of true control and security.

The GLOBTRAK system is designed for any industry that needs integrated vehicle supervision. Whether you are sending a group of heavy machinery to a construction site or dispatching a loaded transport to the other side of Europe, precise monitoring will come in handy.

Our experts make every effort to have key industries that already work with GLOBTRAK joined by others.

W czym GLOBTRAK pomaga naszym klientom, działającym w różnych branżach?

How does GLOBTRAK help our clients from various industries?

  • Owners of transport companies monitor the routes of their fleets domestically and abroad.

  • Owners of commercial fleets use the monitoring system to, for example, settle business trips more easily

  • Dispatchers of municipal transportation vehicles more easily supervise adherence to timetables.

  • Operators of heavy construction machinery get a tool that facilitates safe maneuvering of vehicles.

  • The system successfully supports management of agricultural machinery on farms that use SMART farming.

  • Waste is collected more efficiently thanks to integrated public-utility vehicle fleet management.

Kiedy wybrać rozszerzony monitoring pojazdów?

When to choose extended vehicle monitoring?

GLOBTRAK monitoring in the basic version is already a fully functional tool, but its capabilities are even more impressive in extended versions. Advanced monitoring of your fleet includes control of, among other things, fuel, access, real working time of the driver, and selected parameters of the vehicle. Only you can determine which machine parameters you want to monitor in order to get a full picture of their performance. Perhaps the aspect you are concerned about the most is reducing fuel costs? Or maybe you put safety first? GLOBTRAK is a smart system, and additional functions can be precisely tailored to the needs of your business.

  • The GLOBTRAK system in its basic version allows you to conveniently track your vehicle and one on/off input. You receive a trip report with an event log and driver working time statistics.

  • The GLOBTRAK system in an extended version gives you insight into, among other things, CAN bus readouts. You are able to monitor fuel levels and consumption, engine revolutions, air-conditioning use, the vehicle’s weight, and a range of additional specialized data such as the temperature of cold storage.

Oko na bezpieczeństwo

An eye on safety

Investing in (basic or advanced) fleet monitoring translates into real savings.

Depending on your company’s needs, you become able to optimize routes, fuel consumption, or consumables. Also, you shorten the list of your own to-dos such as the laborious record-keeping. The sense of security and safety can be felt not only by you but also your employees and clients. You can be sure that a transport is being carried out efficiently and that the cargo will reach its destination on time. Your clients don’t have to worry about the timeliness of the transport, and your drivers about the technical condition of the vehicle.

Certainty of smooth fulfillment of orders is priceless, and GLOBTRAK is able to meet this expectation.